Our on-going projects are just the beginning. We are actively seeking co-development opportunities to fully leverage the potential of our breakthrough proprietary platform for scalable, high-throughput tissue generation.


We have partnered with renowned institutions to advance our technologies

Oslo University Hospital

ClexBio runs a clinical collaboration with Dr Antonio Rosales' Unit For Reconstructive Deep Venous Surgery. Dr Rosales is one of the leading vascular surgeons in the world and a key opinion leader in the field of deep venous surgery. Focus of the collaboration is on in vivo validation of our lead asset to treat CVI as well as product design with the aim of creating a user friendly product that is easy to handle for vascular surgeons around the world.

Medical University Vienna

ClexBio partners with the Center for Biomedical Research and Translational Surgery at the Medical University of Vienna. Together with Dr Helga Bergmeister, one of the top global opinion leaders on vascular engineering and experimental surgery, we are conducting surgical suturing tests with our products in vitro and in vivo.

Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology

ClexBio is teaming up with CSEM, a world leading industrial engineering institution based in Switzerland, to develop the world’s first machine to grow tissue-engineered human veins in the lab. The joint project has received over 2M USD in funding from the Research Council of Norway and aims to produce an entirely new type of vein graft that could improve the lives of the millions of people suffering from deep venous insufficiency.


ClexBio collaborates with MCRA, a leading regulatory consulting firm specializing in comprehensive services for medical devices and biologics, to craft our regulatory and quality work for obtaining approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Our partnership with MCRA underscores our commitment to leveraging top-tier expertise in navigating the intricate landscape of regenerative medicine, a crucial aspect for the success of our interactions with regulatory authorities.


Valued partners and supporters from around the world


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