Technology should enable biology,
not replace it.

Technology should enable biology, not replace it.

ClexBio is a pre-clinical stage regenerative medicine company with a breakthrough proprietary technology platform for scalable, high-throughput tissue generation.


ClexBio bioengineers implants that grow with the body


VivoSet™ is cast into molds mimicking the anatomy of the tissue in a closed, automated system that allows for centralized, high-throughput, and scalable manufacturing.

Off the Shelf

After rapid maturation of the tissue, cells are removed leaving behind human grafts composed of extra-cellular matrix that can be implanted off the shelf in any patient and will be repopulated by the patient's own cells.

Any Geometry

Our unique tissue generation method is based on a vast library of proprietary formulations and can be cast into any geometric shape, including tubes, sheets and more complex constructs to recreate real human anatomies.


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