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Chronic venous insufficiency (CVI)

2.5m patients in the US alone suffer from severe CVI due to reflux

$30b annual wound care costs in the US, on average $30k per patient and year

40% more work-days missed than healthy people

20% - 40% 1-year ulcer recurrence - continuous treatment needed

No effective treatment options to date

Tissue-engineered vein grafts

ClexBio’s solution: Tissue-engineered human vein grafts

Biocompatible: Final product consisting of extracellular matrix (ECM) produced by healthy human cells

Functional: Grafts have functional bi-cuspal valves and optimal mechanical properties mimicking real veins
Allogeneic: Cells are removed, resulting in non-immunogenic graft for transplant to any CVI patient

Scalable: Manufacturing process can be parallelized and scaled to meet global demand

Permanent: Eliminate reflux and  permanently treat CVI

The VivoSetTM technology

VivoSet is a technology that utilizes healthy human cells to grow tissues composed of extracellular matrix . The uniqueness of VivoSet is the ability to grow large tissues rapidly in any chosen geometry, e.g. veins and other conduits.

VivoSet's USPs:
1) Recreate complex tissue geometries
2) Macroscopic dimensions (~cm, not limited by diffusion barrier of 100 um)
3) Fast tissue formation
4) Mechanically strong
5) Scalability of formulation

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